The scientific programme of SIM 2023 spanned three calendar days (10-12 May 2023) and was interactive with 50% time for moderated discussion. Meeting days 1 and 2 ended with an organised social programme, including dinner, in the late afternoon/evening. 

Day Time Session Confirmed speakers Discussion facilitators
1 11:30 Registration and lunch bag

Day 1: Mechanical ventilation

1 12:15 The use of mechanical ventilation in Scandinavian ICUs Stepani Bendel
Sten Walther
Reidar Kvåle
Steffen Christensen
Katrin Thormar
Morten Hylander Møller
1 13:15 Research priorities in ARDS Bodil Steen Rasmussen Asger Granfeldt
1 14:00 Break and refreshments
1 14:30 Free oral presentations Charikleia Vrettou
Elena Crescioli
Frederik Mølgaard Nielsen 1
Frederik Mølgaard Nielsen 2
Janne Adelsten 1
Anders Møller
1 15:15 The SVALBARD research program Jon Henrik Laake
Tayyba Aslam
Anders Åneman
1 15:45 Tight oxygenation control? Olav Schjørring Christian Rylander
1 16:15 End of scientific programme
1 17:15 Social programme: Sightseeing tour around the canals of Copenhagen. We meet near the memorial anchor at Esplanaden (Nordre Toldbod 7, 1013 København K). Please dress according to the weather
1 19:00 Social programme: Dinner and drinks at Seaside (Nordre Toldbod 18-24, 1259 København)

Day 2: Circulatory support

2 09:00 Coffee and refreshments
2 09:30 The use of vasopressors and inotropes in Scandinavian ICUs Stepani Bendel
Sten Walther
Reidar Kvåle
Steffen Christensen
Katrin Thormar
Maria Cronhjort
2 10:30 Pressor and/or i.v. fluids? Johan Mårtensson
Tine Meyhoff
Johanna Hästbacka
2 11:15 Coffee and refreshments
2 11:45 Free oral presentations Ellen Bjerre Koch
Janne Adelsten 2
Karoline Myglegård Mortensen
Anders Åneman
2 12:30 Use of inotropes? Erika Wilkman Michelle Chew
2 13:00 Lunch

Day 2: Renal replacement therapy

2 14:00 The use of RRT in Scandinavian ICUs Stepani Bendel
Sten Walther
Reidar Kvåle
Christian Fynbo Christiansen
Katrin Thormar
Marlies Ostermann
2 14:45 Timing of RRT in acute kidney injury Suvi Vaara Morten Bestle
2 15:30 Use of NaHCO3- in acute kidney injury Marlies Ostermann Asger Granfeldt
2 16:00 End of scientific programme
2 18:45 Social programme: Dinner and drinks at Boulebar (Nørregade 18, 1165 København)
2 20:15 Social programme: Petangue and drinks at Boulebar

Day 3: ICU academia

3 08:30 Outcomes are improving without RCTs Niklas Nielsen Morten Hylander Møller
3 08:50 Newer trial designs to improve critical care Anders Granholm Michelle Chew
3 09:10 Panel discussion on interventional research in critical care Anders Perner
Niklas Nielsen
Lars Wiuff Andersen
Michael Haney
3 10:00 Coffee and refreshments
3 10:30 Free oral presentations Anssi Pölkki
Benjamin Skov Kaas-Hansen
Hanna Jernberg
Iben Strøm Darfelt
Tine Meyhoff
3 11:00 Scandinavian ICU register collaboration Stepani Bendel
Sten Walther
Reidar Kvåle
Steffen Christensen
Kristinn Örn Sverrisson
Michael Haney
3 11:30 The Scandinavian ICU course Christian Rylander Anders Perner
3 12:00 Scandinavian ICU trial collaboration CRIC board Lars Wiuff Andersen
3 12:30 End of meeting